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Bley Family Tradition

Otto Kurt Bley, an early aviation engineer, founded O.K. Bley in 1923 to design and build automotive service machinery and hydraulic presses. Later, he founded an engine rebuilding business. In 1961, when post-war politics threatened to suffocate private enterprise, Otto Bley’s son, Erich, immigrated to the United States with his wife, Marlis, to continue in his father’s footsteps. In 1966, Erich and Marlis Bley founded Bley Engineering, USA. As a result of continued in vestment in computer-aided machining technology and quality engineering, Bley Machining would out grew three facilities in the ensuing two decades. Major markets for Bley’s services included packaging, aerospace, and medical diagnostic equipment markets. 

Bley Machining continues today as a family-owned business under a new generation of leadership.

Total Quality Management is a primary focus at Bley Machining. All processes are designed, reviewed, verified, and controlled to meet specifications. Our full metrology division is responsible for dimensional inspection services of samples and finished parts.

Central to Bley Machining is a tradition of exceptional manual craftsmanship using conventional machine tools. It is the skill of our individual toolmakers that reveals itself in manual methods. Their attention to detail never goes out of style.

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